Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Young Children’s Love

This is monkey and one of his best friends Pip. He comes home to tell me that Pip hurt his feelings because they were going to share a promise but she was running away from him when he tried to tell her. They were supposed to play together during play time. They were supposed to play together today like they did yesterday but Pip was playing with two other boys instead, Monkey was hurt. I love that this is the worst thing that happens to my son in a day. Oh to be a child when "my friend didn't play with me" was our biggest worry. And don't worry as fast has he was "hurt" he is again fine and thinking his Pip and her brother Popeye are the best friends a kid could have. - For issues to be resolved so easily, dismissed so quickly. If only our adult lives could be a simple as a child's.

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