Thursday, September 4, 2008


Let me introduce the family, the cute one in the apron is my only son Mohawk Monkey. But don't let the hat fool you daddy has a Mohawk too.

I am hoping to use this blog to document moments in my monkeys life so I can reflect on them as he grows. I want him to know where he comes from and what he has come thru.

This picture is an example of my desire for Mohawk monkey to have everything in life. Especially special moments with is dad doing "guy stuff." This is a picture of monkey and dad building a bird house.

In these tough economic times it is amazing to see there still some companies with big hearts. The Home Depot allows children to come in and build a project for free the first Saturday of the month. Lowes lets children do similar projects but they say they are for children in 2nd grade or older.


Maggie said...

Here you are fabulous.

ellen said...

Simon had a mohawk for a while before his surgery.