Friday, September 5, 2008

Mothers Night Out

Hold onto your socks boys we had a night out with a crew of moms - out for the first time with out their children, most in five years!! And then there were the poor two husbands other wise known as DD.. yes it is true two sad guys that listened to this group of woman talk about labor for an hour!! And we wondered why we never go out with kids. We followed this uncomfortable situation with a more fun conversation of what is wrong with my man... yep it was more uncomfortable for the ones that had to hear the critique.. if your reading this honey don't worry I was very nice.

Now don't get me wrong this group of woman has become fast friends seeing each other at drop off and pick up every day, but there are only some things you can learn over a few car bombs.... And we sat there with this crazy conversation and generational gap for the whole four hours while our children were playing. Then like a flash we jet out to be the best mother we can be picking the children up on time, only after we went the wrong way and counted down the time.. it was close we even had to run a little. It is always a competition to see who is the the best mom.. what have we come to?

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Maggie said...

can you say irish car bomb?