Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Car Ride Conversations

Don't let that innocent face fool you!

So I think talking with monkey is one of the most amazing experiences. My friend Mags is right kids don't know how to lie until someone teaches them and their honesty is refreshing.

So with all the eventfulness in our lives in the past few days, I seem to have lost a grip on my scheduling mastery. Usually on Monday evenings my gracious friend picks Monkey up and takes him with Popeye to soccer practice, because I inconveniently have class. Well I didn't even remember soccer so I didn't pack anything Monkey would need. I even went so far as to ask Grandma to pick him up from school. I felt like such a schmuck when another mom called me and told me her wee guy was missing soccer because he wasn't feeling up to it and I had to urgently hang up to call my dear friend and apologize for being a flake.

So I pick up monkey from grandma's and I tell him I am so so sorry for forgetting soccer.

This is what I was getting to...

This morning in the car Monkey says "So Mom, we missed soccer yesterday?"
I told him we did and I was sorry. Then he says "DAMMIT" I didn't even know what to do he has never cussed on purpose before. I just said excuse me and he apologized. Then I asked him why he said that (the honesty part) - "I just wanted to see what you would do." Kids I tell you!

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