Sunday, October 26, 2008


(This picture was pirated from my sister's camera - thanks Sis!)
I have not posted recently because I have been out of town. This picture of my niece and her scrampa was not taken long before he passed away last Monday. I know that my family will be popping on to check out my blog and I would love for you to leave Mohawk Baby your favorite memories of my dad, as this blog is really for him. When I feel a bit more strong and I can type about him and still see thru the tears I will post a few of my own as well. For those of you that made it, Sister and I would like to thank you so much for supporting us and being there for us. For those that couldn't make it we understand - and we missed each of you. Really thank you all for your condolences and all of the thoughts and prayers.


ellen said...

I am so glad to find you out here in blog land. Sadly, under such horrible circumstances. I am truly saddened by the lose of your dad/my uncle.

I was just trying to think of a favorite memory of him and what comes to mind more than anything is remembering him laughing with my dad. Big full laughs and shit eatin' grins! I swear they always had fun. I miss our family like that. Maybe I was to young to understand everything but there was a time when they all got together and enjoyed each others company. Well at least my dad and your dad can enjoy each others company once again.

I love the pictures of him in overalls using a cane. Images of Poggy came to mind when I saw that.

I sent a card... I know it's not much. I wish I could have been there instead for you and your sister. Hugs are so much better than words when we are feeling so much emotion.

Miss you and love you lots.

christina said...

I think about all the memorys with daddy and my favorite right now is that pic you have posted....Transpertation parade Mom dad and scrampa all waiting for Hope to come around the corner in her Pontoon boat and all she says is SCRAMPA... the grin on that mas face you could not have beat off with a stick it ment more to the both of them then anything else in the world....thank God we had that moment.

Apple said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Your munchkin is getting so big.

Anonymous said...

First of all I'd like to say it was SO nice spending time with you and Chrissy... It's been way too long and we need to do that again under BETTER circumstances. Cuz I love you guys!

I never knew about your blog and accidently fell upon the picture of your dad and Hope. WOW. I know how sad I've been since my brother died - but that eally hit me hard! I missed him before he was gone!

I have LOTS of memories of him. One of which was when he came out to Connecticut to see me. He and Bob and Ellen and LaDena made the road trip with my cedar chest hanging out the trunk of Bob's car.

While they were in Connecticut, I took them to my favorite beach in Masquamicut Rhode Island. Bob and the kids were digging a hole in the sand and Jim decided that the hole wasn't going to be filled with HIM. So he dodged into a bar called the Windjammer.

When we all realized Jim had disappeared into the bar - it was later in the evening and he was pretty hammered. So we coaxed him out of the "Jimwammer" and he was staggering down the beach near the water and I came running up behind him... planning to knock his ass into the water and jumped on his back and all he did was stood there will all 200+ lbs of me on his back. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO FALL IN THE WATER!!!!

So for the rest of the trip - Jim's back was out of whack... and he drank lots and let me do things like put corn-rows in his beard.

My boyfriend at the time (who has also passed away) Ed - came over to meet my brothers and there stands Jim with about 4 cornrow braids in his beard! It was quite a site!

I will miss him forever! (And yes April... you can type through tears!)